Spark Electric Components specializes in supplying lighting, controls and circuit protection devices to consumer and commercial customers.  We thank you for expressing interest in our products and encourage contacting us for more information 

Although the company primarily sells through the ebay marketplace, there are plans to offer the benefits of a separate shopping cart soon.

Install Instructions

Quick Wire Splicing Guide




ZE-268S Series

ZE-268S Series Chain Repair
ZE-268S6 & ZE-208S

Longjoin JL-103A Photocell Install
IG S822BC Photocell Install

All components sold are approved by appropriate certification agencies in respective countries.  

Please beware counterfeit UL markings on imported electrical components!  Installing these devices can become a fire hazard or create electrical shock.

The UL has issued a warning against the Harrier CA-1 touch lamp control for example:

Installing dimmers without safety codes can overheat due to improper heat dissipation.


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