Installation Instructions for Photocell Controls

Applies to the Longjoin JL-103A & IG S822BC
IG S822BCLongjoin JL-103A
1)  Turn off power at fuse box/circuit breaker or disconnect appliance.

2)  Place switch in knockout hole and fasten with locknut.

3)  Connect black power line wire (hot line) to the black wire of the control.

4)  Connect all black wires from the light fixture to the red wire of the control.

5)  Connect all white wires from the fixture and white wire of the control to the white power line wire (neutral).

6)  Close the enclosure.

7)  Turn power on.

*Installing the photocell facing artificial or reflected light may cause the unit to cycle on and off at night.
*It is normal for the switch to take several minutes to turn off when first installed

Wiring Schematic