Zing Ear Pull Chain Installation Instructions

Applies to the following models:

Make sure circuit breaker and/or power supply is turned off before attempting to work with wiring.

It is often useful to take a picture of the wiring and mechanical assembly.  This can be useful when trying to replicate the original installation.  

The wires need to be stripped 1\4" before connecting to the switch.  The embossed strip line on the switch can be used as a reference.

There are four slots on the switch labeled "1, 2, 3 & L." The wires will be fed into the slots using a paper clip.  Gently pry back the retainer and insert the wire into the slot.  After removing the paper clip, the retainer will bite the wire and hold it securely into place.

The manufacturer identified each wire with a color code.  Attach the wires using the photograph or the manufacturer's schematic as a reference. 

Insert the threaded part of the switch into the hole and secure with the knurled nut.  Close the ceiling fan assembly, turn the circuit breaker back on and test the operation by pulling the chain.

The ceiling fan should now be operational