Replacing Chain in Zing Ear Pull Chain Switch

These instruction will demonstrate how to replace the chain within a Zing Ear pull chain switch.  

Applies to the following models:
Additional ball chain can be purchased at the following links:   

Please use blunt plastic utensils as to not damage any parts within the switch.

1.  Pry back the tabs gently and separate the shell.

2.  Find the white plastic center camshaft and remove the chain.

3.  Cut a desired length of chain using wire cutters.

4.  Attach the chain carefully to the center camshaft.  Make sure the wire between beads in sitting flush with the slot.  

5.  Feed the chain through the hole.  Find slot on the center camshaft and mount onto spring.

6.  Hold down center camshaft with thumb and pull chain counter clockwise until one full rotation is achieved.

7.  While holding the tension of the spring with the chain, install the cover.  This will hold the spring tension and allow for recoil on each pull.

8.  Snap the pieces back to together and test by pulling the chain.  A snapping noise will indicate a successful repair.

Additional questions: